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The war was finished and those who survived had to face the poverty that had left the southern land more naked than ever. The Cavalier Salvatore Turrisi, son of the "coal-man", was just coming back to his town Castelmola wearing his soldier's uniform. He should have followed in his father's footsteps, working their land in the countryside.

It couldn't happen. Too many things had changed and, overall, his mind was full of different ambitions. He had a small house in the centre of the town and he transformed it into a shop where he sold anything he could: almonds, traditional Sicilian puppets, hand made chairs, lemonade, wine etc. A place to cater for all your needs. At the beginning it was very difficult. As the founder, who lives in Castelmola to this day, still loves to tell, in those days even glass was scarce, and it took six months to get one bottle in which to sell his wine. Despite such hardship, he was always interested in his customers' needs and innovatively he wanted to keep a book where the visitors could leave their comments.

The help came from some ex colleagues and neighbours from Taormina, but never from the people of the town that saw his initiative with jealous eyes. It was an ex colleague that donated the first book for the signatures, book for the signatures in the 1950.Coming from a family that lived in the country, The Cavalier Turrisi was able to produce his own wine and experiment with one of his family specialties. He distilled the wine with the flavours of his land, impressing the tastes of the country in the visitor's minds. The almond wine is the pride of the Cavalier , born from a dry white wine infused with almonds, aromatic herbs and citric essences. The original name of the bar was derived from the same almonds that enriched his wine: Taverna del Mandorlo in Fiore.

Slowly things changed, the tourists who came to Castelmola couldn't help being intoxicated by the wine's sweet nectar or resist enjoying the company of the great romancer, the Cavalier Turrisi. Gradually, the bar started to become more established and in 1958 it was reviewed in magazine where the journalist described it as: " beautiful and relaxing, the bar Turrisi is rich of every kind of interesting objects that give to the tourist a feeling of cosines and intimacy". Nowadays one still becomes absorbed in that enchantment simply by looking at the ancient books that contain memories and images of the bar's never ending past.

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